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The Lama Tsong Khapa Center is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation group in Kalamazoo Michigan.

We host sitting meditation bi-monthly plus and an occasional visit by Rimpoche, who may offer Empowerment to qualified persons.

As a branch of the Gaden for the West foundation under Zasep Tulku Rimpoche our aim is to promote Dharma practice in general, and especially as preserved within the tradition of Je Tsong Khapa (14th century founder of the Gelugpa order).

We keep our focus Dharma-centric. So, while striving to maintain our own tradition, we nevertheless respect others and hold no political agendas.

May those of like outlook, whatever their preferred tradition, please feel welcome to practice with us.

About Our Center:

Lam Rim Meditation How-To Series:

  1. Atisha and the Origin of Lam Rim
  2. What is Lam Rim?
  3. The Six Preliminary Rites
    1. Cleaning the Room
    2. Setting Up the Altar
    3. Setting Out Offerings
    4. Adjusting Your Posture
    5. Setting Our Motivation
    6. Refuge Visualization
  4. The Four Immeasurables

Mahamudra Meditation How-To Series:

  1. Nine Cycles Breathing Process

Teachings by Our Guru,
the Ven. 13th Zasep Tulku Rinpoche:

Teachings by the Head Lama of Gelug Tradition in Mongolia,
H. H. Khalka Jetsun Dhampa Rinpche:

Biographies from the Gaden Tradition:

Basic Dharma Terms and Concepts:

Special Features:

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