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Name:  Daniel J Kraepel   (linked to URL)
Address: 6122 Willow Creek , Canton, MI, 48187, USA

Dharmic interests:   Hello brothers and sisters of the Buddhadharma... i've been a student of Gehlek Rinpoche now for 8.5 years and study primarily with Jewel Heart. Just reaching out to other Sangha practitioners as we have the same lineage and practice similarities. Lets chat sometime about sadanas or our lives in the Dharma... it's important to keep connected, as students of Tsong Khapa we are some of the most fortunate on this Earth.

Submitted on date: GMT 2005-9-14  15:47:47

Name:  Paul Thompson
Address: 229 Lake Ridge Drive , Kalamazoo, MI, 49006, USA

Dharmic interests:   Lost in the world, looking for ballance and clarity. Taking my first steps of exploration.

Submitted on date: GMT 2005-7-29  2:18:18

Name:  chelsie down
Address: 8054 north 14th street , kalamazoo, MI, 49009, USA

Dharmic interests:   Hello!! I just spent 6 weeks at the sivananda ashram in the bahamas recieving my yoga certification. I am looking for like minded people who share love, compassion and common interests as a support group. I am an Environmental Studies and Community Health Education Major at WMU with a minor in holistic health education. Cant wait to hear from you and come join in meditation and discussions :) namaste

Submitted on date: GMT 2005-6-6  17:11:11

Name:  James E. Lane
Address: 32230 Witt Lake Rd. , Burr Oak, MI, 49030, USA

Dharmic interests:  Understanding Buddhism

Submitted on date: GMT 2005-5-8  23:14:14

Name:  Jenifer Strauss Ivinskas
Address: 1061 West Sager Road , Hastings, MI, 49058, USA

Dharmic interests:   I have just joined a Shambhala meditation group in Bellvue, Michigan. I am interested in learning more. I am interested in any events that would provide training and teaching.

Submitted on date: GMT 2004-12-2  13:52:52

Name:  Kimberly Cain
Address: Dillingham lane. , Kalamazoo, MI, 490??, USA

Dharmic interests:   I am interested in laughing, and happiness. I want to simplify my life, and find a fellowship of people who are full of peace, and compassion for others, while learning about myself through meditation.

Submitted on date: GMT 2004-10-11  8:4:4

Name:  JR Clark
Address: 725 Village St #2 , Kalamazoo, MI, 49008, USA

Dharmic interests:   

Submitted on date: GMT 2004-3-2  15:8:8

Name:  Tenisia Moore
Address: 1940 Howard Apt 551 , Kalamazoo, MI, 49008, USA

Dharmic interests:  i am interested in studying and learning more.

Submitted on date: GMT 2004-1-15  5:5:5